Ley Line Walker

by Shikimol

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"The pursuit of magic is a means to utilize natural energy and direct it with one's own mental abilities. The ley line walker spends years learning to focus his thoughts and build his will in order to direct and mold mystic energy. He also spends years learning how to let the ley line energy flow into and through him, building his tolerance for magic energy and making the walker a sort of living relay station and energy transformer, as well as a battery. At these moments, the ley line walker becomes part of the energy he is directing and it gives him much greater control and range of magic abilities." Excerpted from Rifts® Ultimate Edition™, copyright 2005 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.


released February 22, 2016

Mastered by Gibb Tartaris (Reflection)

Artwork by Martin Pearson




Insonitus Records England, UK

Insonitus Records brings you strange, deep, intelligent and engaging digital psychedelic music. Underground psygressive sounds audially forged in the minds of sonic psychonauts.
Groovers for the movers and tweakers for the freakers, straight from the padded room to your ears...
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